About / Mu dheidhinn

I’m Alasdair MacCaluim and I’ve always been interested in isolated and unusual places, especially islands and tiny countries.

In the Alasdair Ascends project, I aim to visit and write about Ascension Island, a small British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic, situated half way between Africa and South America.

I’m hoping that you will consider contributing to my soon to be launched crowdfunder and help me reach my goal of visiting and writing about this unique place and will follow my progress here at the Alasdair Ascends blog.

Why should you help to fund my project? I don’t just want to visit Ascension Island – I want you to feel like you are coming with me, to learn all about the Island, its history and nature.

Why ascension island?

  • Ascension Island is one of the most isolated Islands in the world.
  • It is a volcanic rock with a landscape which often more like mars than the rest of earth.
  • It was visited by Charles Darwin on the famous Voyage of the Beagle and Darwin was one of those involved in planning the planting of an amazing forest which helped solve the problem of the island’s lack of drinking water.
  • It is famous for its wildlife and conservation – land crabs, giant turtles, amazing birdlife and feral donkeys amongst much more.
  • It had an important role in the history of seafaring and in military history from round the world voyages, to preventing Napoleon’s escape from St Helena to being a base for anti-slaving ships to being involved as the Falklands war.